Pre-wedding photo shoots and engagement photography

We found Chris by chance by typing in our wedding venue in google. Chris’s photos came up and straight away we knew that they were very different to any other photographers we had seen. We knew we had to get him booked straight away and we were so relieved when he had that date free!! Our experience began with our pre-wedding shoot, this was such a great idea and really helped us to begin to feel comfortable being in front of the camera to reduce the nerves on the day!” Simon and Helen

A great way to get acquainted with being in front of the camera, the pre-wedding shoot is an ideal and fun time for us to get to know each other better, helping ease those early morning wedding day worries. Pre-wedding photo shoots are included with all wedding photography packages except the special offer winter wedding packages.

Pre-wedding photography

Available with all wedding bookings, the mid week pre-wedding shoot typically lasts half an hour to an hour and you’ll be amazed at the results. All the images are uploaded to a secure online gallery and you choose your first 12×8 photograph with our compliments.

You could also use a pre-wedding shoot to create a totally different slant on the wedding guest book. Instead of the traditional book why not choose your favourite photograph from the shoot, mounted in a frame with an extra wide mount your guests write their messages on the mount. At the end of the evening we take it away and deliver it in your choice of frame style ready to hang.

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