Adding lens flare and lighting effects in Photoshop with just a couple of clicks using these overlays. Created in camera the 100 high resolution jpeg overlays cane be used to easily add real lens flare and lighting effects to your wedding and portrait images.

Limited time introductory Pricing £10 for all 100 overlays

All 100 Overlays to download immediately for £10 click here

We’ve created several different types of flare from subtle bokeh to bright and vivid rainbows. The overlays allow stacking, blending and can even be customised with changes to temperature or hue and saturation.  Images below are all created with the Flare and Lighting effects overlays available for immediate download.

The pack of 100 overlays also includes full easy to follow instructions and Photoshop actions to help seamlessly blend and merge the overlays to your images.

To purchase all 100 flare and lighting overlay effects click here

[twenty20 img1=”12529″ img2=”12530″ offset=”0.5″]

Lens flare with rainbow effect, one overlay added in seconds and blended in Photoshop.

[twenty20 img1=”12548″ img2=”12547″ offset=”0.5″]

Rainbow flare overlay stacked with lens flare overlay

[twenty20 img1=”12533″ img2=”12532″ offset=”0.5″]

Sunlight flare overlay.

[twenty20 img1=”12537″ img2=”12536″ offset=”0.5″]

Sun and backlight flare

All 100 Overlays to download immediately for £10 click here

Some of our Lightroom and Photoshop products we use in editing. 

Lightroom presets

Lightroom Presets for wedding and portrait photographs 

A collection of 75 presets designed and used by us in Lightroom. These are really life and useful presets that we use on every wedding, from fast editing presets to effects to add wow with many one click options to help transform your photographs. These are not just Lightroom presets for weddings, they also work on portraits landscapes and any other photographs you are editing.

Currently on offer as a full collection for only £20 Click here to see more details and examples of how we use these Lightroom presets.



BOKEH Light Blur Overlays for Photoshop

48 Easy to use real Bokeh Blur overlays ideal for wedding and portrait photographers. High resolution jpeg files ready to use in Photoshop.

Created by us for use in our wedding photography, these bokeh blur overlays are ready to drag and drop to easily and quickly create stunning effects.These are real light bokeh blurs created in a variety of ways to easily add impact to your images. Work well with both wedding photographs and portraits.

Click here for more information and see examples of these Bokeh Blur overlays in use. 


PHOTOPSHOP SPARKLER overlays for wedding photographers.

Sparkler Overlays – Real Sparkler Overlays for Photoshop. Easy to use high resolution Photoshop overlays. 

£15 for all 115 OVERLAYS 

Alphabet and LOVE – 60 overlays featuring upper and lower case alphabet and LOVE in both capitals and script.

Numbers and Symbols – 55 Overlays featuring numbers 0-9, ten large heart designs, symbols and swirls Click here for more information and to purchase these overlays.


actionsPhotoshop Editing Speed Editing Actions – Free up your time by speeding up your editing £10 for the full set ofactions

Automating your routine photoshop processes can save hours of time per wedding. This set of photoshop actions is designed to work with all versions of Photoshop CS including the latest Photoshop CC. featuring the actions used by me on a daily basis to speed up wedding editing within Photoshop. Set Includes Quick Fix – Levels Contrast Curve and Sharpen, Airbrush skin, Curves, quick close and many more to save you time with your editing. Available to buy now for only £10 these actions should become a valuable part of your photoshop editing workflow. Click here to purchase these actions.


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