Chris Chambers – Photographer

I’m not normally one to be this side of the camera!

Married with two children ( I call them children but Freya’s at College and Jacob at Uni so hardly children any more), photography was a hobby from an early age, dragging parents along to airshows I always imagined I’d join the RAF and although that didn’t happen, for several years working for magazines and websites I was able to indulge in my hobby, photograph aeroplanes, get paid and go flying.

I photographed my first weddings for family and friends before turning it into a full time career way back in 2005. Since then I’ve photographed well over 1500 weddings but still approach each wedding day with excitement and maybe even a little nervousness.

After photographing such a large number of weddings it would be easy for me to do pose 1, location 1. Pose 2 location 2 etc but that would make my job very boring and I wouldn’t be delivering new and exciting photographs for my brides and grooms. For me every wedding is unique and the photographs bespoke to the couple

in 2012 I began teaching photographers through wedding workshops and training courses working around the UK and Europe, recently I’ve added landscape photography workshops, taking groups of photographers into the wilds to create landscape photographs people want to hang on their walls.

Even after all these years working as a photographer, I still take time out to enjoy photography for myself, escaping to various parts of the UK to photograph landscapes, Wildlife and sometimes even the occasional aeroplane. Thankfully for Naomi and the children, these are usually solo ventures!

From twenty thousand feet to minus 20 – Whatever it takes

Pilot in cockpit, hikers in snowy landscapes.

Don’t Go – Never Know. Sometimes people call them lucky shots, I would say it’s more about putting yourself in the position to create the photograph, that’s why I’m often out in the worst conditions , climbing mountains, enduring torrential rain and freezing temperatures to be in a location just incase, sometimes that planning pays off and other times its back to the drawing board, reschedule and do it all over again.

Yorkshire’s Most Awarded Wedding Photographer

Collection of crystal photography awards on display.

Over recent years I’ve collected numerous photography awards from professional organisations in the UK. Most notable is a run of 5 times winner of Wedding Photographer of the Year with the Guild of Photographers, Wedding Photograph of the year with the Societies and Yorkshire Wedding Photographer of the Year from the British Institute of Professional Photography. You can see a collection of my awards and award winning photographs here.