champagne Photoshop overlays

Champagne Spray Overlays for Photoshop

15 Overlays – How to shoot it video  – Lighting Diagram

15 High Resolution Overlays with easy to follow instructions for Photoshop along with a Behind the scenes video form a real shoot where I explain camera settings, flash positioning and power etc. I’ve also included a lighting diagram for setting up the photograph – £20 for all 15 high resolution overlays

The overlays are ideal for creating the champagne spray effect for when it didn’t quite work or adding more champagne to an ineffective spray. 

Click here to purchase – an email download link is sent within 48 hours

Full instructions are included with the downloaded champagne spray wedding overlay files. Also included is a lighting diagram to help you with setting up the photo on a wedding day

How to add the overlays to your wedding photographs

  • Open the required background photograph – usually the couple with a bottle or bottles of champagne
  • Drag the champagne overlay from the folder over the background image or open the overlay in photoshop and copy and paste onto the background. 
  • Change the Layer blending mode of the overlay to Screen . This will make any black in the image transparent leaving just the champagne overlay spray visible. 
  • Using Free Transform (Ctrl / Cmd T ) on the champagne overlay layer to resize, rotate as required to line up with the bottle
  • If the champagne overlay isn’t as bright as required duplicate the layer, reduce the new layer opacity to suit. 
  • Flatten the finished wedding photograph and save as required.
champagne Photoshop overlays