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Doddington Hall is one of Lincolns finest and most exclusive wedding venues, a magnificent Elizabethan stately home in Lincolnshire, with a history dating back over 400 years it provides a stunning location for weddings and is a wedding photographers dream venue offering grandeur, style and stunning backdrops alongside acres of mature gardens, and the quaint St Peter’s Church, Doddington within the estate. With so many photo opportunities around Doddington Hall, you’ll be spoilt for choice of wedding photographs for your wedding album. With experience of photographing weddings at Doddington Hall you can be assured I know the best locations and the times of day for favourable conditions to ensure you have an amazing collection of photos of your wedding day. 

My wedding photography style is all about telling the story of your day in a beautiful and natural way whilst capturing those candid and natural moments I also love to create stunning showcase images which always look amazing on a wall or across the double page spread of a wedding album. I capture all the special moments of your day, from the excitement and anticipation of getting ready to the emotions and joy of the wedding ceremony and the fun and laughter of the reception and the fun of the evening party.  

Bride and groom walking in front of Doddington Hall

Doddington Hall is an idyllic location for a wedding, with its stunning architecture and beautiful gardens providing the perfect backdrop for your special day. As a wedding photographer with experience of weddings at Doddington Hall, I am familiar with the unique beauty of the area, and I know how to capture the stunning scenery and architecture of Doddington Hall in all its glory. Whether you are having a grand wedding in the beautiful Long Gallery, a romantic ceremony in the gardens, or a relaxed celebration in the Coach House, I will work with you to create images that perfectly reflect the style and atmosphere of your wedding day.

Your wedding photographs will create a beautiful keepsake of one of the biggest days of your life,  you can be assured that all of the time and effort that was put into making every detail of your wedding day perfect for the both of you will be remembered and treasured through the memories in your wedding photographs

All my wedding photography packages including those at Doddington Hall include a full day’s attendance from preparation to evening celebrations, drone photography, large screen display of your wedding photographs during the evening reception, stunning wedding photo album and unlimited photographs

Full details of wedding photography packages for Doddington Hall and other wedding venues in Lincolnshire and the UK can be found here – Wedding Photography Packages

wedding album storybook from Doddington Hall
The Coach House - Doddington Hall Wedding Photography

Above: Bride and groom outside the coach House. Twilight coverage with Doddington Hall wedding photography packages ensure we are around later in the day to capture the sunset, lights and evening celebrations

Horse and Carriage in the gatehouse, wedding photography at Doddington Hall.
Doddington Hall. Lincolnshire. Wedding photography from Chris Chambers

Many couples choose Doddington Hall as their wedding venue due to the unique beauty of the location and the exceptional service provided by the dedicated events team. With its stunning backdrop and historic charm, it’s easy to see why Doddington Hall is a popular choice for weddings in Lincolnshire.

So if you are looking for beautiful, natural and timeless Doddington Hall wedding photography, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I would love to hear more about your wedding plans and how I can help to capture your special day in a way that you will cherish forever

Your wedding day At Doddington Hall 

A guide for couples planning their wedding day.

Doddington Hall Wedding Ceremony location options – So many choices of where you can marry

Doddington Hall offers a variety of spaces for ceremonies and receptions, each with its own distinctive character, traditional, modern, outdoor and religious. 

1. The Long Gallery: With its intricate plasterwork, ornate fireplace, and stunning views of the gardens, the Long Gallery provides an elegant setting for a civil ceremony. The space can accommodate up to 200 seated guests surrounded by antique paintings and views accross the stunning grounds

2. The Garden Pavilion: Surrounded by lush gardens the Garden Pavilion is a romantic outdoor space for civil ceremonies and drinks receptions. 

3. The Coach House and Garden Room: A charming, rustic option, the Coach House is ideal for larger receptions, with space for up to 70 wedding ceremony guests. The exposed brick walls, timber beams and lighting create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

4. St Peters Church in the estate grounds of Dodddington Hall. A short walk from the hall, St Peters offers the option of a traditional religious wedding ceremony

Accommodation Options

Doddington Hall offers luxurious on-site accommodation for the wedding party and guests in the form of six beautifully appointed cottages. Each cottage has been carefully restored and furnished to combine modern amenities with traditional charm, ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay for you and your wedding guests. My personal favourite is the Stable yard, large rooms, lots of natural lighting and backdrops to compliment your wedding photographs.

Doddington Hall wedding prices

Doddington Hall is one of the most sought-after wedding venues in Lincolnshire, and for good reason. The stunning architecture, beautiful gardens, and rich history make it the perfect location for a fairytale wedding. But what about the prices of weddings at Doddington Hall?

The cost of a wedding at Doddington Hall like other wedding venues can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the time of year, the size of the wedding party, and the chosen package. The venue offers a range of packages to suit different needs, numbers and locations including access to the grounds and gardens (I would strongly recommend private garden access)

If you are interested in hosting your wedding at Doddington Hall, I highly recommend contacting their events team to discuss your options and get a personalised quote based on your individual needs and budget.

Doddington Hall wedding venue, aerial drone photograph

A History of Doddington Hall Wedding Venue

Nestled in the rural outskirts of Lincoln, Doddington Hall stands as a testament to the rich history and architectural prowess of the Elizabethan era. This imposing mansion, with its red-brick façade, exquisite gardens, and opulent interiors, has been cherished by generations of visitors and residents alike. Delving into the chronicles of Doddington Hall reveals a captivating tapestry of England’s past, punctuated by tales of intrigue, love, and ambition.

The Origins of Doddington Hall

Constructed between 1593 and 1600, Doddington Hall was commissioned by Robert Smythson, a renowned Elizabethan architect, for Thomas Tailor, the Registrar to the Bishop of Lincoln. The Hall’s design, typical of the period, showcases intricate craftsmanship and detail in its symmetrical layout, decorative elements, and expansive gardens. Remarkably, Doddington Hall has remained in private ownership for over four centuries, with its current custodians, the Birch family, taking stewardship in 2007.

A Tale of Two Families

Doddington Hall’s history is intertwined with the stories of two prominent families: the Husseys and the Delavals. In 1621, Sir Thomas Hussey acquired the property, and the estate remained in the Hussey family until 1749. During their tenure, the Husseys oversaw numerous additions and renovations to the Hall, most notably the development of the parklands and gardens, and the construction of the Stable Yard. The Hussey family’s influence is still evident in the Hall’s architecture, as well as the abundance of family portraits and heirlooms that adorn the walls.

In 1749, the Delaval family purchased Doddington Hall, and their influence on the estate was no less profound. Sir Francis Blake Delaval, a notorious gambler and rake, introduced an air of scandal to the Hall during his time there. His brother, Captain Edward Delaval, an accomplished artist and scientist, brought a touch of intellectualism to the estate. Edward was responsible for the creation of the ornate and elaborate plasterwork ceilings, which are among the most prized features of Doddington Hall today.

One of Doddington Hall’s most striking characteristics is its ability to reflect the changing tastes and styles of its various occupants. As a result, the Hall is a living museum of English history, with each room offering a snapshot of different eras. The imposing Great Hall, with its oak paneling and vast fireplace, transports visitors back to the Elizabethan age, while the delicately furnished Yellow Bedroom, filled with 18th-century furniture, provides a glimpse into the refined tastes of the Georgian era.

The Gardens of Doddington Hall

The gardens at Doddington Hall are an integral part of the estate, their beauty and diversity reflecting the vision and dedication of the families who have tended to them. Spanning five acres, the gardens have evolved over time to include a range of styles, from formal gardens with intricate topiary to more relaxed, natural landscapes. Notable features include the Wild Garden, with its meandering paths and vibrant wildflowers, and the Kitchen Garden, which supplies the estate with fresh produce.

Doddington Hall,  is a remarkable testament to the enduring allure of the English country house. Steeped in history, it offers a fascinating insight into the lives of those who have called it home over the centuries. From the architectural splendor of the Hall itself to the captivating beauty of the gardens, Doddington Hall continues to enchant visitors, providing a vivid window into the rich tapestry of England’s past.

Doddington Hall – Main St, Doddington, Lincoln LN6 4RU.

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