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Hodsock Priory is an English country house in Nottinghamshire that offers a warm and cosy historic location for your wedding day. Only 4 miles north of Worksop it is set back in over 800 acres of rolling landscape.

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We have photographed weddings at Hodsock Priory since their very first wedding as part of a BBC reality wedding show through to the current day, you can be assured we know the venue and grounds very well and can guide you on the best locations for your wedding photographs

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Hodsock Priory wedding photography Chris Chambers Photography

Hodsock Priory wedding photographer chris chambers
Hodsock priory weddings - wedding photography from award winning wedding photographer chris chambers
Hodsock Priory wedding photographer chris chambers award winning Hodsock priory wedding photographs
Hodsock Priory wedding photographer chris chambers award winning Hodsock priory wedding photographs

Hodosck Priory

Hodsock Priory, Blyth Worksop S81 0TY

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The History of Hodsock Priory

Hodsock Priory, a distinguished historic estate located near Worksop in Nottinghamshire, England, boasts a rich tapestry of history that spans over centuries. Renowned for its breathtaking beauty, architectural elegance, and lush gardens, Hodsock Priory has become a coveted venue for weddings and special occasions, offering a blend of historical grandeur and contemporary luxury.

The origins of Hodsock Priory can be traced back to the Anglo-Saxon period, with the estate’s history beginning in earnest during the medieval era. It was during this time that the priory was established, although the precise date of its founding is not clearly documented. The estate has seen a multitude of changes in ownership and purpose over the centuries, each phase adding layers to its rich history and architectural development.

By the Tudor period, Hodsock Priory had become a significant country estate, with records indicating royal visits, including one by King Henry VIII. However, the priory as it stands today is largely a result of Victorian ingenuity and aesthetics. In the 19th century, the estate underwent extensive renovations and expansions under the direction of various owners, transforming it into a splendid example of Victorian architecture with Gothic influences, surrounded by meticulously designed gardens and landscapes.

The Buchanan family, who have owned Hodsock Priory since the 18th century, have played a pivotal role in its preservation and evolution into a modern luxury venue. Their stewardship has ensured that the estate’s history and heritage are honored while adapting to contemporary needs and expectations. The present-day priory offers a unique blend of historical elegance and modern amenities, making it an ideal setting for weddings and celebrations.

Hodsock Priory is perhaps best known for its spectacular snowdrop gardens, which bloom vibrantly each spring, drawing visitors from across the country. The estate’s gardens and woodlands provide a stunning backdrop for events, particularly weddings, where the natural beauty and serene setting add to the romance and allure of the occasion.

Weddings at Hodsock Priory are celebrated for their elegance and exclusivity. The estate offers a variety of spaces for ceremonies and receptions, including the grandeur of the main house, the tranquility of the gardens, and the charm of the Gatehouse. The personalized service and attention to detail ensure that each wedding is a bespoke affair, tailored to the desires of the couple, making it a favored choice for those seeking a venue near Worksop and Nottinghamshire.

In conclusion, Hodsock Priory stands as a testament to English heritage, its evolution from a medieval priory to a Victorian country estate, and now to a premier wedding venue, reflects the changing times and tastes while maintaining the essence of its historical legacy. Its enduring beauty, combined with the Buchanan family’s commitment to its preservation and adaptation, ensures that Hodsock Priory remains a cherished landmark in Nottinghamshire, celebrated for its history, beauty, and as a setting for beginning new chapters in people’s lives.