Isle of Skye landscape photography workshop

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Skye landscape photography workshop. Photography training in the Scottish highlands

October 14th -16th 2024

£450 for all three days book with a £150 deposit. 

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The Isle of Skye, rugged mountains, weather battered beaches, rolling hills, waterfalls, light houses, castles and stunning scenery, it’s easy to understand why this island off the west coast of Scotland is so popular amongst landscape photographers. Having visited Skye many times I still find myself in awe at the scenery, locations and photographs you produce. Changeable conditions and variations in season means no two landscape photographs are the same, infact if you stand in the same spot each day for a year you’ll come away with 365 completely different landscape photographs!

Our three day workshop will be action packed and when not out photographing we’ll be working on post production and location planning. 

During the three days I’ll be teaching various techniques and methods of Landscape Photography including. 

  • Landscape composition – using lead in lines, rule of thirds, separation and image structure.
  • Focusing, hyperlocal distance and maximising depth of field.
  • Long exposures with the use of filters.
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) images with exposure bracketing,
  • Focus stacking and editing
  • Creating panoramic images.
  • During one of the evenings I’ll demonstrate my editing techniques using Lightroom and Photoshop to edit some of the images from that day.
  • Light painting, a fun and exciting after dark light painting session (possibly two) using artificial lights and a drone.

All photography tuition is included along with use of filters if required for creating the images.  Neutral density and graduated neutral density filters are available for your use on the workshop

Each morning we’ll be leaving from the the Uig Hotel where we’ll be staying, but you are welcome to select your own accommodation location for the workshop and meet each morning.  Accommodation and meals are not included in the workshop. The workshop is self drive, although usually we manage to share driving so not everyone takes their own car.

Fitness Level Required: 3/5

We’ll be working in the mountains, near waterfalls and on beaches. This will involve working on uneven ground and some inclines. A general level of fitness is required for this workshop. Due to the environment of this workshop, a number of locations are not be accessible to wheelchair users.

Photographic equipment required:

  • A sturdy tripod is essential for landscape photography
  • Lenses from wide angle to around 70mm.  Lenses with a filter thread are ideal as these allow the use of filters, some extreme wide angle lenses such as 12-24mm don’t allow the use of conventional filters.
  • A cable release for long exposures is an ideal and inexpensive way of activating your camera shutter
  • Camera rain cover – either a bespoke cover or a simple plastic bag to protect your camera from the element

Other recommenced equipment. 

  • Warm and waterproof clothing including hat and gloves
  • Sturdy walking boots, ideally waterproof
  • Windproof umbrella – not essential but very helpful if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Some of our images from previous Skye landscape photography workshops.

Isle of Skye Landscape Photography training course and workshop

Above and Below. Skye’s rugged but accessible mountain ridges and proximity to the sea can create spectacular weather conditions, dramatic clouds and lighting. My experience of landscape photography locations on the Isle of Skye allows us to time our locations visist with the best weather conditions and times of day to create stunning landscape photographs.

Isle of Skye Landscape Photography training course and workshop
Isle of Skye Landscape Photography training course and workshop
Isle of Skye Landscape Photography training course and workshop
Isle of Skye Landscape Photography training course and workshop
Isle of Skye Landscape Photography training course and workshop

As the furthest North and west of the Inner Hebrides, landscape photographers on the Isle of Skye are rewarded with amazing sunsets. Our landscape photography workshop is planned and timed to ensure we are in the correct locations in good time for any potential sunrise or sunset.

Isle of Skye Landscape photography workshop and training course from Award Winning Landscape Photographer Chris Chambers

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