WILDLIFE Photography Days

Kingfishers – heron – otters

Wildlife photography days and workshops near Stamford in Lincolnshire

£175 per person including tuition. Book with a £75 deposit below

Kingfishers 0730-1630 – add a Nocturnal session too and photograph through to 4AM with Herons and Otters

Join me for a day of Kingfisher photography near Stamford in Lincolnshire, Photographing the natural and wild Kingfishers is on the to do list of many photographers and whether you’ve come across Kingfishers before or have never seen the blue streak as one darts past a riverside, photographing these colourful and elusive birds up close is a rewarding challenge, through my guidance and our position you’ll be in the best place to create amazing wildlife photographs of the Kingfishers perched, in flight and diving as the bird breaks the water in an explosion of droplets with a fish in its beak. I’ve been photographing kingfishers for over ten years and still have the same thrill as a bird appears in front of the camera.

From the carefully positioned wooden hide we’ll be within around 4 metres of Kingfishers and a lens of 400-600mm will give frame filling and environmental photographs. For photographs of flying and diving Kingfishers our low over the water position enables frame filling action as the birds explode from under the water.

Extend your day with a nocturnal session, more time photographing the Kingfishers and the chance for night photos of Herons and Otters using flash and LED lighting. All equipment supplied and full tuition given

Equipment Required.

Camera body either full frame or crop sensor works.
Lens from around 400mm to 600mm

Location and Timings

The hide is located close to Stamford and village of Carlby. (approximate postcode PE9 4LU). The Kingfisher session runs from 0730-1630.

You can add a nocturnal session with the chance to photograph Heron and Otters (as well as a few extra hours of daylight with the Kingfishers) the nocturnal session includes use of flash and all equipment and tuition is included. Nocturnal sessions finish at 4AM, you are of course welcome to leave earlier.

Dates and Availability

Kingfisher photography workshop £75 deposit. The nocturnal deposit is £50 and will need to be added and checked out separately.

May 2nd Kingfishers 0730-1630 FULLY BOOKED

May 14th Kingfishers 0730-1630 FULLY BOOKED

May 28th Kingfishers 0730 – 1630 FULLY BOOKED

July 4th Kingfishers 0730-1630 FULLY BOOKED

Below: A selection of the types of Kingfisher, Heron and Otter Photographs we’ll be aiming to create on the day and through the night. heron otters

Terms and conditions of booking.

All bookings are non refundable and non transferrable, if you can’t make the date I will assist in selling your place.
Hides are non smoking and there may not be an opportunity to smoke during the day
In the event of poor showings by the birds – less than 3 Kingfisher visits in the day you’ll be invited back again for a return visit.
In the event of me having to cancel the workshop you’ll receive a full refund but I cannot be liable for any other costs.

Kingfisher wildlife photography days.