Lighting 101

chris chambers photography

Photography lighting training course and practical workshop. 

Hazlewood Castle near Leeds and York

 April 23rd 2024 0930-1700

Lunch and refreshments included £250 

Click here to book with a £50 deposit and remaining balance 3 weeks before the workshop 

On Camera Flash – Goto Settings – Demystifying Wedding lighting

Understanding lighting, metering and controls will allow you to work faster and more accurately on a wedding day to create consistent accurate exposures which in turn allows faster editing and workflow in post processing. Lighting 101 will help you understand lighting and camera behaviour to help you create stronger images. 

After an initial theory stage we’ll be joined by our bridal model for photography training inside and out before finishing with a second theory session and closing with any questions you may have.

Areas we’ll cover:

  • Camera Metering Modes how our cameras work out exposure and the best for each situation on a wedding day, predicting errors and correcting
  • Finding and using natural light, even mixing with on camera flash outdoors for candids, couples and groupsyou’ll learn how to select the best locations and camera settings to maximise them
  • Camera Exposure modes and how we change modes through the day for different lighting situations
  • On Camera Flash – How we use on camera flash on a wedding day, inside and out
  • Exposure Priorities, how we prioritise the elements in the exposure triangle
  • White Balance and temperature control
  • Goto settings for indoor wedding photography, groups, speeches, candids and dance floor
  • Shooting in dark locations without crazy ISOs

Scroll down for examples of the style of images we’ll create or discuss on the day. 

lighting training course

Above: Hand Held at 1/4 second with a70-200. After establishing the exposure we’ll adjust the numbers through simple techniques and demonstrate how whilst  allowing you the chance to create images at crazy low shutter speeds you didn’t think possible

Dancefloor and evening reception photographs. Goto camera and flash settings for the dance floor creating multiple styles including standard on camera flash and rear curtain sync. 

lighting training course

Metering modes and camera modes.

Understanding the the various camera modes, how and why we use these various modes on a wedding day along with key go to settings for key moments and camera shortcuts for faster wedding workflow. 

lighting training course

Above: Understanding the cameras metering and predicting exposure errors on a wedding day will allow you to quickly create consistent correctly exposed images throughout the day, control of white balance will make the Lightroom and Photoshop edit process even faster. 

lighting training course

Above: Manipulating kelvin temperatures to create effects with flash and coloured gels or LED lighting. Create dramatic sunsets or coloured effects quickly and easily. 

Above: Full group photograph taken with on camera flash. During the workshop we’ll discuss locations and lighting choices as well as how I work on a wedding day to create fast and correctly exposed group and couple photographs join the wedding day aided by simple on camera flash. 

Equipment required – Camera body and a selection of lenses, ideally unto around 100mm. A flash for use on your camera. 

Who can book – This course will cater for all skill levels from intermediate to advanced. A good working knowledge of your camera and settings are essential to maximise the learning opportunities of this day.Getting here – Close to the A1 and M1 Hazlewood Castle is easily reached by car. The nearest mainline train stations are Leeds and York with regular trains to and from London. The nearest airports are Doncaster and Leeds.

Anyone wishing to stay overnight at Hazlewood Castle either the day before or on the day can book a special delegate rate of £80 per room bed and breakfast. Please contact the castle directly to book accommodation

Lunch and refreshments included £250 Click here to book with a £50 Deposit