Lightroom Presets – Chris Chambers Lightroom presets for weddings, portraits and Landscapes.

lightroom presets for wedding

Lightroom presets for wedding, portrait and Landscape photographers.

 All 75 presets for only £35. 

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Spend hours editing in Lightroom? Our one click presets allow you to dramatically cut your editing time whilst creating dynamic wow images that your clients will love.

Used daily by ourselves for weddings, portraits and landscapes, the presets work in all versions of Lightroom and are fully customisable, where appropriate they can also be stacked to create multiple effects or edits.

The 75 presets are split into 6 collections for easy identification and use. Each collection is available to buy separately or as a complete collection.

Each Collection is available for £20 or you can buy the them all for the special price of £35. Click here to purchase now for immediate download.

Ambience collection:

A collection of ten coloured presets to add at the end of the editing process, these presets include one of our favourites, “Hi Kelvin”, a mix of warm tones, colour shift and a slight matt effect, this preset has been used in editing several of our recent award winning wedding photographs. A little adjustment on the highlight slider when applying the ambience collection presets can make them work with most images.

Below: Presets “Hi Kelvin” from the Ambience collection mixed with ” Warm Bottom Top Left” from Graduated preset collection.

Below: Preset “Everyday” From the Ambience collection.

Matte Collection:

As the name suggests a series of 8 matte effect presets. Reducing some of the contrast whilst shifting colours or highlights allow these presets to work on most images. We love them on our detail shots and creating some edgy looking photos.

Below: Squashed Blacks preset from the Matte Collection

Below : Vintage preset from the Matte Collection

Retro Collection:

Old film looks, shifted colours and an almost cross process feel to some of these presets. 13 presets make up the Retro Collection.

Below: “Lomo 2”, one of four Lomo effects shifting colours, adding vignettes and tones.

Below: “Film 3” preset from the Retro Collection. A subtle colour shift ideal for stylising images.

Speed Editing Collection:

The real editing workhorse and time saver. 16 Lightroom presets including the simple but effective Import presets for the initial import into Lightroom save hours of moving sliders, whilst a variety of one touch presets add exposure, clarity, vignettes, recover highlights and more.

Below: “Quick Fix” preset from Speed Editing collection and added “two Stop ND Grad” from the Graduated collection.

Below: Preset  “Clean Blown Highlights” from the Speed Editing collection

Below:  “Quick Fix Central Clarity” and “+.5 EV” from the Speed Editing collection along with a “2stop top right Graduated ND” from the Graduated collection.

Monochrome Collection:

A mix of 14 different presets to create easy black and whites along with toned presets adding blues, greys, chocolate and even sepia.

Below: “Black and White 1” preset from the Monochrome Collection.

Graduated Collection:

14 Presets make up the graduated collection, ideal for adding sunlight, warmth and Neutral Density effects, the graduated pack is a superb and quick addition to the above presets for adding warmth, recovering sky and changing the appearance of an image in one click. Many of the examples above include the addition of a graduated filter.

Below: Using the  “1 Stop Graduated Neutral Density” Preset from the Graduated Collection along with “Quick Fix” and “+1EV” from the Speed Editing Collection. Mixing presets from collections to create amazing images in three clicks.


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