Add a wedding highlights film to your wedding photography package.

You’ve booked me, or are about to book me for your wedding photography, you can now add a wedding highlights video to your photography package. Produced by myself and my team, the wedding highlights film is a story of your day created with lots of short video clips of key moments and times, professionally edited and all set to a complimentary soundtrack creating a five or ten minute wedding video. 

By adding a wedding highlights video to your photography package you’ll ensure the photos and videos are all created fast and efficiently without having a separate videographer or other team of people at your wedding. As well as being more cost effective, having just myself and team at your wedding you’ll be saving time not only planning but also during the day as we efficiently create the wedding video at the same time as your award winning photographs. More time on your day means you have more time with your wedding guests rather than in front of multiple cameras. 

Choose a 5 or 10 minute wedding highlight video.

All set to complimentary music, the wedding video is a condensed story capturing just the best parts of the wedding day. No embarrassing audio to worry about ( I may record really short clips of audio to add in to the highlights). No long-winded movie that will be seldom watched (or dreaded by family and friends!), instead a fast, highlights story you’ll want to watch again and again, also the perfect length for sharing on social media. 

Five minute Highlight Wedding Video £500

Ten minute Highlight Wedding Video £750

Add Full Speeches and Ceremony chapters with audio recording for £100 each

Above: A 10 minute highlight film from Kayla and Roberts wedding at Wharfedale Grange near Leeds

Questions you may have about your wedding highlights film

Will we miss out on wedding photographs if you are creating a wedding film alongside taking pictures? 

Not at all, the videography and photography complement each other perfectly and its easy for us to switch from photo to video during key moments as well as extra cameras in static positions recording the action too, couples portraits etc. It also saves time as we’ll photograph and film at the same time meaning you spend less time than you would working with a separate videographer and photographer, this will give you more free time on your day to spend with your wedding guests. 

Do you capture the full ceremony and speeches? 

I do, including with Audio. This is an option available and can be added to your package. Adding in full wedding ceremony and speeches is an additional £150 on either of the packages. 

Can we share the video on Social Media? 

Of course, a Highlights video is perfect for this and I’ll provide you with two sizes of video,  a lower resolution will be perfect for sharing whilst the a larger format perfect for watching at home

Is the wedding highlights video mainly photographs taken from our gallery? 

Not at all, the majority of the highlights video is from movie clips, we may add in a few stills to compliment the video and you might even request a few too, but the vast majority of the wedding highlights video will be from video footage filmed during your wedding day

We haven’t booked you for our wedding photography, can we still book you for a highlights video? 

Of course (although a little sad you haven’t booked me for your wedding photos) – However, the prices above are only available to couples who have booked me already to provide their wedding photography. As we are already in location and working with the couple I can offer highlights at a vastly reduced price to my photography couples. if you would like to book me just for the video highlights, the 5 minute highlight video price increases to £1000 and the ten minute to £1500.

Any other questions? please let me know.