Raining on your wedding day? Allerton Castle wedding after dark in the rain.
Rain on your wedding day | 10 tips for rain and bad weather wedding photos | Poor weather weddings | Rainy Wedding Photography | What to do if it rains on your wedding day?

Rainy wedding photography – Creating amazing wedding photographs whether it be in the rain or snow.  As a rule we’d normally shy away from poor weather, preferring to stay indoors than be out in the rain. However as a creative wedding photographer the rain (and snow) can provide some amazing opportunities not normally available on dry or sunny days.

If you’re nervous about the weather conditions on your wedding day don’t be afraid to ask your wedding photographer if they have any previous experience in photographing wet weddings, it will put your mind at rest seeing some examples of their previous wet and rainy day wedding photographs. Believe it or not but the best kind of rain you can get on your wedding day is in fact a downpour, it’s the most visually appealing form of rain to photograph. So don’t be afraid to count your blessings on your wedding morning when you get a drop or two of rain because you’re potentially in for some stunning wedding photographs


Here are our top ten tips to remember if you think that your wedding day may be a wet or cold one.

Top 10 Tips for planning and making the most of rain on your wedding day.

  1. Keep an emergency umbrella nearby, most experienced wedding photographers will have at least one photo friendly umbrella available. These are usually white or cream so they don’t create colour casts in your photos, for a bright funky look multi-coloured or colour co-ordinated umbrellas can work great with bridal party wedding photographs. Amazon offer fast delivery for  umbrellas and so could even be purchased at the last minute. Click here to view their collection of white wedding umbrellas.
  2. Be prepared for anything, weather can change at any minute so just take your wedding day as it comes. Embracing wet weather conditions is a brave choice but creates some stunning wedding photography. Just remember to keep laughing and smiling under the brolly.
  3. But don’t panic, if the weather really does take a turn for the worst there is always the option of taking the wedding photography indoors. An experienced wedding photographer will always have a plan B (and maybe C and D) to create amazing wedding photographs of you both and your wedding guests. During a wet or mixed weather wedding day we will have various plans which are changing throughout the day to ensure we can deliver the best possible wedding photographs.
  4. If you’re getting married at a colder time of year then don’t be afraid to incorporate a jacket or wrap into your attire. It’ll keep you warm and look good for wedding photographs.
  5. Pack a spare pair of shoes, if you’re worried about ruining your Choos, Blahniks or Louboutins, have a pair of wellies or flats on hand nearby. It will also make walking on soft or wet ground easier. If killer heels really are your thing then consider heel protectors to help walking on the grass or even deep carpet. Amazon have a large selection of protectors such as these  Heel Protectors 
  6. Have a bridesmaid or best man nearby to hold your umbrella if it’s raining, or provide extra coats between photographs if the weather is colder.
  7. If it’s going to be cold on your wedding day, smile like you’re on a tropical beach sipping Pina Coladas. It’s worth a few minutes of sharing body heat outside for a lifetime of stunning wedding photographs. You’ll always remember the rain ore cold weather on your wedding day so make sure you look happy in your wedding photographs.
  8. For the grooms on a snowy or wet wedding day a spare pair of shoes is ideal but if that’s not practical then a pair of dry socks for afterwards will be a great help
  9. When choosing your wedding venue take into consideration wet weather locations indoors, not all venues offer ideal opportunities if the weather takes a sudden turn. Ask the wedding co-ordinator during venue viewings about wet weather weddings and ensure there is adequate space and suitable locations for your drinks reception and group wedding photographs.
  10. As tempting as it is to check the long range weather forecast don’t rely on any weather forecast more than 48 hours in advance! Be prepared for the weather just incase and enjoy the day.

Always be prepared for wet weather, it is the UK and the weather is unpredictable so just embrace what happens. You and your wedding guests will have a great time regardless of the weather so don’t worry yourself about it. It is important to not let rain or bad weather spoil your wedding day, some of our favourite wedding photographs have been taken under rain clouds and umbrellas.

Wedding ceremony in the rain - wet wedding photography

preparing for wet weddings - umbrellas at a wedding

Above – Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds  for Leanne and Louis Outdoor wedding ceremony. Preparation is key and knowing the wedding ceremony would be outside, guests were wanted about any potential weather issues and came along with umbrellas. The wedding ceremony continued as planned albeit under brollies.

Wet wedding photography, Allerton Castle wedding in the rain

Above: Even summer weddings can result in downpours, Frances and Jacob’s recent wedding at Allerton Castle involved prolonged and heavy showers but through careful planning and working quickly we were able to make use of the castle gardens to create a number of out door wedding photographs

Hazlewood Castle wet wedding photography - rain on your wedding day

Above : Hazlewood Castle near York and a rain shower in the evening has helped create a puddle suitable for a reflection. One of our wedding umbrellas has come in useful to help keep the bride and groom dry for the photograph. (For any photographers reading this, pop your flash in a freezer bag to keep it dry). The above image was awarded a Gold from the Guild Of Photographers and also won members choice image of the year.  See more of our awards here.  

Bride and groom with a double rainbow at a wedding

A double rainbow over Waterton Park Hotel Wakefield for Amy and Aaron’s wedding. Rainbows appear and disappear very quickly, so a keen eye on weather conditions and experience helps us predict what is going to happen and allows us to be in the right place at the right time.

Wet wedding photography tips - Allerton Castle

A June wedding at Allerton Castle for Antony and Kristy started with bright sunshine but quickly turned to heavy thundery showers. With such a stunning wedding venue we were all keen to grab some outdoor photos before darkness, so a change of shoes and one of my umbrellas complete with big smiles help make this a definite for the wedding album.

Winter weddings can provide a great variety of weather conditions and low light levels, ensure your wedding photographer is experienced in low light and wet weather weddings when choosing a photographer for your winter wedding.

Wet wedding photography, rain on your wedding day.

Carlton Towers  During heavy downpours we try and keep the bride and groom as dry as possible, sheltering in the doorway  and under one of our wedding umbrellas whilst I dashed out into the rain to create the above wedding photograph.

rainbows and stormy skies at.a wedding. Wet weather wedding photography

Above: More threatening skies and even a hint of a rainbow for this wedding photograph of Kristy at Allerton Castle.  A brolly nearby just incase and an easy escape route in case the rain hits.

Allerton Castle after the rain - reflections in puddles at Allerton Castle

Another reflection photograph, this time at Allerton Castle. Heavy rain and snow melt has created this large puddle allowing me to photograph them with a stunning reflection of Allerton Castle behind them

Bride and groom in the rain at Hazlewood dCastle - wet wedding photography

Above: Hazlewood Castle after dark and a late November rain shower allowed me to create not only a double page spread but also a twice award winning wedding photograph of Luke and Vanessa.

Wedding photography hints and tips - York wedding photography

Above: York, just after sunset and in a heavy downpour. Again working very quickly helped create a stunning wet weather photograph.

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