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As the largest county in England it’s no surprise that Yorkshire boasts some of the finest wedding venues the UK has to offer. West Yorkshire centred between Leeds and Huddersfield has a number of Castles and stately homes available for your wedding. Below are a number of my favourite wedding venues across West Yorkshire and a selection of wedding photographs from those venues. I’ve also included some of my personal favourites from a venues and added advice and tips for helping achieve the most from your wedding photographs. 

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Hazlewood Castle near Leeds and York

Hazlewood Castle, Yorkshire wedding venue - Chris Chambers Photography

Hazlewood Castle – Wedding Venue Near Leeds and York

Set in 77 acres of woodland, this medieval castle dates from the 11th century. Only 15 miles from Leeds city centre and 12 miles from York, Hazlewood Castle easy to reach but still surrounded by quiet open countryside. I’m proud to say, I’ve been a recommended photographer for weddings at Hazlewood Castle for a number of years

  • What’s the must have Hazlewood Castle wedding photograph?

The front of the castle and the large steps are a must use location, this location really shows the front of the castle and the imposing facade.

The Second location every wedding photographer must use is the courtyard especially in the early autumn when the ivy has turned red and adds a splash of colour to the castle. 

  • When’s the best time of year to marry at Hazlewood Castle? 

This is a difficult one, I enjoy photographing weddings at all times of year and Hazlewood Castle has a lot of photo opportunities regardless of the season.  The large woodland and surrounding countryside offer so many opportunities and the castle itself has plenty of indoor locations so regardless of weather and season there are lots of great photography opportunities. Low winter light can add an almost perpetual sunset to the photographs, in the spring the grounds come alive with blossom and through the summer and into autumn there’s lots of colour and backdrops in the well kept grounds.

  • Do you have a favourite wedding photograph taken at Hazlewood Castle? 

I’ve photographed at least 100 weddings at Hazlewood Castle and have many favourites but if I was to choose just one it would be from a wet wedding and the final photo of the evening of the bride and groom in the courtyard under an umbrella reflected in small puddle. 

Address details: Hazlewood Castle – Paradise Ln, Leeds, Tadcaster West Yorkshire LS24  9NJ Website here

Yorkshire wedding photographer at Hazlewood Castle

Wharfedale grange near leeds and harrogate

Wharefdale Grange wedding venue near Leeds and Harrogate

Wharfedale Grange Luxury Wedding Barn

Wharfedale Grange is a luxury barn wedding venue located in the Yorkshire countryside, but conveniently close to  Leeds and Harrogate. From a previous life as a fruit and flower farm, the buildings at Wharefdale Grange wedding venue have been transformed from its former agricultural life to a modern luxury wedding venue in West Yorkshire. 

What advice would you give couples marrying at Wharfedale Grange to make the most of their wedding photographs? 

Make sure you allow time for your wedding photographs and drinks reception, sounds silly but so many couples miss out on one or the other because of time constraints. You’ve chosen an amazing wedding venue and Wharfedale Grange has so much to offer both inside and out. 

Do you have a favourite wedding photograph taken at Wharfedale Grange?

There are many of them!  The Reflective floor in the north barn works so well as doe the large open space and exquisite backdrop of the interior of the south barn. Outdoors and even if not used for the civil wedding ceremony the Arbour can make a superb backdrop especially after dark, one of my favourite wedding photographs was taken with the bride and groom in the arbour after dark. 

Wharfedale Grange Address details:  Wharfedale Grange, Harrogate Rd, Harewood, Leeds West Yorkshire LS17 9LW  Website here

Wharfedale Grange luxury wedding venue in West Yorkshire

Bowcliffe Hall near Leeds and Wetherby

Bowcliffe Hall Aerial photograph West Yorkshire wedding venue - Chris Chambers Photography

Bowcliffe Hall – Wedding venue near Leeds and Wetherby

Bowcliffe Hall is located close to Bramham near Wetherby, West Yorkshire, Built in the early 1800’s Bowcliffe Hall is a Grade II listed building with the recently added Blackburn Wing offering a modern twist on the historic building. 

  • Whats the must have Bowcliffe Hall Wedding Photograph?

The grounds and areas around the Blackburn Wing have some fantastic locations for wedding photography but I also like using the front of the main building, photographs from under the trees by the main entrance looking back to Bowcliffe Hall work really well and show the venue perfectly. 

  • Do you have a favourite wedding photograph taken at Bowcliffe Hall

The modern architecture of the Blackburn Wing really suits my style of wedding photography and my favourite is probably taken just outside the wing using the glass and silver had rails in the photograph of a bride and groom with the autumnal trees in the background.

Address details: Bowcliffe Hall, Bramham, Wetherby, Leeds LS23 6LP Website Here

Oulton Hall near Leeds

Oulton hall, leeds. West Yorkshire wedding venue - Chris Chambers Photography

Oulton Hall – Leeds wedding venue

Surrounded by over 300 acres of award-winning private grounds Oulton Hall offers a beautiful blend of traditional 18th century features and is situated only 5 miles from Leeds.  

  • What are your must have Oulton Hall Wedding Photographs?

The grounds around Oulton Hall are amazing and work really well for photographs but I would say my favourite locations are actually indoors. You can’t fault to be wowed by the Calverley Hall and Gallery which is the first of my favourite locations, the second is no doubt the grand staircase leading to the gallery, Whether photographed from ground level or the top of the staircase, the wedding photographs at both these locations always make great wedding album spreads. 

  • Do you have a favourite Wedding Photograph from Oulton Hall?

One of my favourites is an indoor wedding photograph taken in the Repton Room early evening, using one of the sofas for the bride and groom the window behind reflecting the chandelier 

Address details: Rothwell Ln, Oulton, Leeds West Yorkshire LS26 8HN Website Here
Oulton Hall Wedding Photographer. West Yorkshire wedding venue

Walton Hall at Waterton Park Hotel, Wakefield

Walton Hall at Waterton Park - West Yorkshire wedding venue - Chris Chambers Photography

Walton Hall at Waterton Park. A hidden gem of a wedding venue on the outskirts of Wakefield.

It’s hard to believe the quaint Walton Hall and surrounding parkland are literally a few miles from Wakefield city centre.  On an island in the middle of the venue’s own private lake, the Georgian mansion of Walton Hall is reached by crossing an old and iconic iron bridge which also makes for fantastic photo opportunities.  

  • What are must use wedding photography locations at Walton Hall? 

The Watergate is the obvious choice for a must use location, photographing the bride and groom in the archway with the island behind and the bridge leading into the frame works so well and is a classic Waterton Park wedding photo. On a calm day the still lake creates a great reflection  to add even more magic to the wedding photograph. 

The bridge is also a focal point and makes a great and popular wedding photograph. there are numerous angles to create this image but i find the best are any which also show the island and Walton Hall. 

  • Do you have a favourite Walton Hall wedding photograph? 

I’ve photographed over one hundred weddings at Waterton Park and have numerous favourites including inside and out. Outdoors it has to be a night time wedding photograph of a bride and groom in the archway, indoors probably my often copied staircase wedding photo looking down onto the bride and groom.  

  • What advice would you give to couples planning their wedding photographs at Walton Hall?

There are a number of obvious photo locations but also lots of not so obvious which  work really well. To make the most of your wedding photography and get the best from your photographs, I would recommend choosing an experienced photographer who will make the most of these locations both inside and out. 

Address details: Walton Hall at Waterton Park – Walton, Wakefield WF2 6PW Website Here
Walton Hall at Waterton Park Hotel Wakefield venue. West Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

Denton Hall near Ilkley

Denton hall, West Yorkshire wedding venue - Chris Chambers Photography

Denton Hall – Wedding venue nestled in hills above Ilkley, 

Denton Hall is located between Otley and Ilkley, close to the border of North Yorkshire, set within a larger Denton estate of around  2,500 acres, including a village, church popular for wedding ceremonies the Grade II listed building offers exclusive use for weddings and typically limits the number of weddings taking place each year to further enhance exclusivity. 

  • What are the must have photo locations for Wedding photographs at Denton Hall?

The winding staircase is one of my favourite locations inside Denton Hall with potential for amazing wedding photographs, outdoors the front of the hall and large doors work well, lots of details and texture really suit my style of photography.  

  • Have you taken any award wining wedding photographs at Denton Hall?

I have scored silver on two wedding photographs taken at Denton Hall weddings. One was a photograph of the bride and groom signing the register in church, natural light and a captured moment in black and white also won me the award of documentary wedding photographer of the year. A second award winning Denton Hall wedding photograph is of a bride standing on the front steps holding her veil out. The photograph from behind has great symmetry and as mentioned above the detail in the stonework and doors really suits my style 

Address details: Denton Rd, Ilkley LS29 0HH Website Here
Denton Hall Wedding Venue, West Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

Hooton Pagnell Hall near Pontefract

Yorkshire wedding venue, Hooton Pagnell hall

Hooton Pagnell Hall  – Wedding Venue near Doncaster and Pontefract

Nestled within the South Yorkshire countryside, not too Far from Doncaster, but deep within the green rolling hills, Hooton Pagnell Hall is a timeless, yet elegant luxury boutique wedding venue complete with grand hall, rustic Tithe Barn and the quaint village church nestled in the estate. 

What are the must have wedding photo locations for Hooton Pagnell Hall Weddings?

There are a lot of superb locations within the grounds of Hooton Pagnell Hall, some are quite obvious and others a little more tucked away. The gates between the two gardens are a superb feature allowing the couple to be framed with the hall in the background. I also love the courtyard, the archway this location works perfectly well both in daylight and after dark. 

Do you have a favourite wedding photograph taken at Hooton Pagnell Hall? 

I mentioned the courtyard as a must use location and one of my favourite wedding photographs at Hooton Pagnell Hall was taken in the courtyard after dark.  The autumnal colours and contrasting scene worked perfectly for a twilight wedding photo. 

Address details – Hooton Pagnell, Hall, Doncaster DN5 7BW Website here

Wentbridge House Hotel near Pontefract

Wentbridge House West Yorkshire Wedding Venue

Wentbridge House Hotel – We are a recommended wedding photographer at Wentbridge House

Set in 20 acres of gardens and grounds in the Went Valley close to the A1, Wentbridge House offers exclusive use for weddings with the facilities for outdoor wedding ceremonies under the large folly in the perfectly kept gardens. 

  • What are the must have photo locations for Wedding photographs at Wentbridge house?

The folly is an obvious choice of location but before you reach that you have the steps which work so well from both the top and bottom. The lawn at Wentbridge House is an often overlooked photo opportunity, the immaculately striped lawn creates a really strong composition and leading lines.

  • Do you have any tips for couples planning their photographs for their Wentbridge House wedding?

Spring summer and early Autumn, if the opportunity presents itself make use the garden for your wedding ceremony, the large folly is perfect for saying your vows with guests seated and looking on, the attention to detail for outdoor weddings includes a sound system so unlike a lot of outdoor venues, the guests can actually hear the vows, a lot of Wentbridge House outdoor wedding ceremonies even include a pianist set up by the folly to play you in and out of the ceremony and then during the drinks reception. 

  • Do you have a favourite wedding photograph from Wentbridge House? 

I have several! I’ve been photographing weddings at Wentbridge House for a number of years and over this time have some great memories or weddings and couples with lots of favourites along the way. I suppose one of my all time favourites was one used by the newspapers to show how a wedding photographer (me) can create a stunning wedding photograph regardless of setting, A sunset photograph of a bride and groom on the lawn at Wentbridge House with the car park in the background made almost all the UK papers and was used even used on TV in Japan!  More recently I have photograph of a bride and groom in the folly at dusk as a rain shower passes, the photo made an amazing double page spread in their storybook wedding album and was also awarded a Silver in a photography competition. 

Address details: Wentbridge House – The Great North Road, Wentbridge, Pontefract WF8 3JJ Website Here 
Wentbridge House Hotel West Yorkshire wedding venue - Chris Chambers Photography

Kirkstall Abbey – Leeds

Kirkstall Abbey near Leeds, West Yorkshire wedding venue - Chris Chambers Photography

Kirkstall Abbey –  A ruined Abbey on the Outskirts of Leeds. 

Kirkstall Abbey is a ruined monastery in Kirkstall on the outskirts of Leeds city centre in West Yorkshire,. Set in a public park on the north bank of the River Aire access to the ruins are by ticket only and photoshoots require advance booking and a fee is payable. Couples marrying in the outdoor setting of the ruins will have full access to the ruins and grounds.  

  • What are the must have photo locations for Wedding photographs at Kirkstall Abbey?

There are lots of hidden gems and opportunities around the ruins, both inside the main atrium and around the lower level ruins and walls. With so many locations and potential for amazing photographs I always ask my bride and grooms to allow a little longer than normal for the photo session, they’ll not regret it and we can really maximise the potential of the Abbey ruins. I would also recommend couples book a photographer with experience of Kirkstall Abbey weddings so they know the key locations already and don’t miss the great potential and often hidden the venue has to offer. 

  • Do you have a Favourite Wedding Photograph taken at Kirkstall Abbey?

One of my most memorable weddings was at Kirkstall Abbey, the bride and groom had their hearts set on an outdoor wedding ceremony and delisted the forecast of a very heavy shower, they planned and pressed on. The ceremony taking place under umbrellas, all the guests seated taking shelter and the vows being said under brollies held aloft by the best man and bridesmaid. From this wedding we created a number of spectacular and memorable images.Address details: Kirkstall Abbey – Abbey Rd, Kirkstall, Leeds LS5 3EH 


Kirkstall Abbey wedding venue West Yorkshire. Chris Chambers Photographer
Kirkstall Abbey wedding venue West Yorkshire. Chris Chambers Photographer

Wood Hall Hotel

West Yorkshire Wedding Venue

Wood Hall Hotel

Wood Hall Hotel & Spa near Wetherby is a hidden gem tucked away at the end of a long private drive with great views of the surrounding countryside. Landscaped Italian Gardens and terrace provide a number of great locations for wedding photographs. 

  • What are the must have photo locations for Wedding photographs at Wood Hall?

The Italian gardens have a lot of potential locations and even in the winter can provide a splash of colour to the wedding photographs. the small archway and gate leading to the gardens are one of my favourite locations for both day and night photographs. If time allows there’s also a wonderful wedding photograph from the drive way with the bride and groom looking back to Wood Hall. 

  • Do you have a Favourite Wedding Photograph taken at Wood Hall?

A summer wedding in July with high temperatures, blue sky and big bright sun, all the guest were enjoying the drinks reception and we were able to create a number of fantastic formal and informal wedding photographs in conditions most photographers would run way from, as the drinks reception drew to a close and guests headed in the sky very quickly turned and we had an advancing weather front clearly visible, this made for some very dramatic photographs of the bride and groom before dashed under cover. British weather! 

Address details: Trip lane, Linton, Wetherby Yorkshire Website Here

Holdsworth House, Halifax

Holdsworth House halifax. West Yorkshire wedding venue - Chris Chambers Photography

Holdsworth House Halifax

Holdsworth House is a beautiful almost 400 year old Jacobean Manor, standing in stunning, secluded gardens it’s just three miles north of Halifax but feels a world apart from the bustle with open fires and cosy lounges.

  • What are the must have photo locations for Wedding photographs at Holdsworth House?

Holdsworth House is a compact wedding venue but isn’t short of photo locations, there’s a lot going on in the grounds and lots of locations that can help me create great wedding photographs in both daylight and twilight. The knot garden and gazebo provide a great backdrop and the stone pillars at the entrance with Holdsworth House behind create the perfect scene setting wedding photograph.

  • Do you have a Favourite Wedding Photograph Taken at Holdsworth House?

It has to be the gazebo and knot garden especially at twilight with the topiary bushes illuminated by fairy lights, at the right time of day this location can produce a stunning wedding photograph and as a twilight image a perfect last double page spread in the wedding album.  Address details: Holdsworth House, Holdsworth Rd, Holdsworth, Halifax HX2 9TG – Website Here
Bride and groom at Holdwworth House at night. West Yorkshire wedding venue - Chris Chambers Photography

Bagden Hall Hotel near Huddersfeld

Bagden Hall Hotel Huddersfield

Bagden Hall is set in 40 acres of grounds complete with woodland, meadow, lake and a folly accessed by an old stone bridge.

What are the must have photo locations for Wedding photographs at Bagden Hall?

The folly and bridge, it has to be this location. there’s an abundance of locations for wedding photographs, some obvious and some not so obvious but the Folly and Bridge work so well for me, mixed with my style of photography and lighting the Folly allows me to create wow images time and time again. 

  • Do you have a Favourite Wedding Photograph taken at Bagden Hall?

Having said all that about the folly and bridge, there has to be one from there, having photographed lots of weddings at Bagden there are too many to single out just the one in particular however I do have a photograph I use when teaching other wedding photographers how to use flash, the photograph of a bride and groom on the bridge is a favourite of the trainees and really showcases my style. Another of my favourite Bagden Hall Wedding Photographs is from a very snowy wedding day, exploring the grounds with a hardy bride and groom we managed to create amazing winter wonderland style wedding photographs. 

Address details: Bagden Hall – Wakefield Rd, Scissett,  HD8 8SZ – Website Here 

Bride and groom in the snow at Bagden Hall West Yorkshire wedding venue

The Mansion, Roundhay park Leeds

The Mansion Roundhay Wedding Venue Leeds

The Mansion Roundhay Park, luxury and tranquility on the edge of a bustling city. 

Located on the edge of Roundhay Park, The Mansion is Dine Catering’s prestigious showcase wedding venue. With Roundhay park literally on the doorstep the venue has access to hundreds of acres of parkland, lake, bandstands and views. 

  • What are the must have photo locations for Wedding photographs at The Mansion?

One of my favourite summer locations is a non descriptive path not far from the Mansion, the long path has fantastic shade and lighting and the perspective and leading lines help create simple but very effective wedding photographs. Alternatively the bandstand is a must use location for couple photographs. 

  • Do you have advice for couples planning their wedding photographs at The Mansion?

It has to be to make the most of the location, the park has some stunning features nearby but you do need some time to explore them and create the wedding photographs. For summer weddings you have time between the end of the meal and start of the evening reception but in the winter when daylight is scarce you need time before the wedding breakfast. 

Address details: Mansion Ln, Roundhay, Leeds LS8 2HH- Website Here 

Woodlands Hotel, Gildersome Leeds

West Yorkshire wedding venue

Woodlands Hotel near Leeds

Woodlands is a stylish contemporary hotel set in landscaped and tiered grounds only three miles from Leeds the hotel provides exclusive use for weddings and their permanent marquee the ideal location for there wedding breakfast and evening reception. 

  • What are the must have photo locations for Wedding photographs at the Woodlands Hotel?

Photographers love to use the bright vivid waiting near the garden entrance and I must admit to being guilty of the same, but perhaps more the sofa that is underneath it. I like to use the lower steps in the garden, these can be used to create formal and very informal looking wedding photographs of the bride and groom and even the wedding guests. 

  • Do you have a Favourite Wedding Photograph Taken at the Woodlands Hotel?

 One of the most complex wedding photographs in my gallery was taken at Woodlands Hotel, using multiple flashes and smoke we spent a little while setting the shot up before bringing the couple out for the photograph, they were out and posed for literally two minutes but our hard work planning and testing before paid off and created a beautiful double page spread twilight wedding photograph.  Address details: 79 Gelderd Rd, Gildersome, Leeds LS27 7LY – Website Here
Woodlands Hotel Leeds wedding venue

Manor House Lindley

Manor House Lindley West Yorkshire wedding venue

Manor House Lindley Near Huddersfield

You could be mistaken for driving right past the exclusive Manor House in Lindley near Huddersfield, just off the main high street the Georgian Manor House. Recently refurbished and presented to a superb standard The Manor House is available for exclusive use weddings. 

  • Is there a must use location for wedding photographs at The Manor House Lindley?

It has got to be the fantastic Coach House, the floor to ceiling bar, lighting and decor help create an amazing and truly unique wedding photograph and a guaranteed double page spread in the wedding album, along the room you also have the textured walls and lighting to create an almost Parisian feel to the interior of the building.

  • Do you have any advice for couples planning their wedding photographs for a Manor House Lindley wedding?

You’ve chosen a stunning and contemporary wedding venue, make sure you allow time to create the photos you and the venue deserve and choose a wedding photographer whose contemporary style and expertise will allow them to make the most of the photo opportunities. 

Address details: Lidget St, Lindley, Huddersfield HD3 3JB Website Here

West Yorkshire wedding photographer venues and photographs.