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Swinton park Wedding venue in North Yorkshire

As the largest county in England it’s no surprise that Yorkshire boasts some of the finest and most exclusive wedding venues the UK has to offer. North Yorkshire has an abundance of amazing wedding venues, large castles and stately homes. Below are a number of my favourite wedding venues across North Yorkshire and a selection of wedding photographs from those venues. I’ve also included some of my personal favourites from a venues and added advice and tips for helping achieve the most from your wedding photographs. 

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Allerton Castle, North Yorkshire Wedding venue, aerial photograph of Allerton Castle

Allerton Castle is a gothic style stately home and private residence between Harrogate and York. Regularly listed as one the UK’s top wedding venues, I’m proud to be a recommended wedding photographer at Allerton castle and have my work on display at the castle and on their website. 

  • What are the must have photo locations for Wedding photographs at Allerton Castle?

With such an amazing building and grounds wedding photographers are literally spoilt for choice at Allerton Castle. With so many locations and opportunities it’s easy to miss or for inexperienced wedding photographers to be overwhelmed by the venue and so I would strongly recommend a wedding photographer experienced with working at Allerton Castle.  

One of my favourite locations is the main staircase in the Great Hall, of course it’s an obvious location and the must have wedding photographs on or around. 

Allerton Castle, is a nineteenth-century gothic wedding venue in North Yorkshire, one of the countries most exclusive wedding venues. I’m proud to be one of only a handful of wedding photographers recommenced by Allerton Castle. 

  • Do you have a Favourite Wedding Photograph taken at Allerton Castle?

Far too many!  I’ve photographed over fifty weddings at Allerton Castle and from the exterior photographs to the twilight and night time images there are so many too choose from. I love the opportunities the castle presents and this allows me to challenge myself to create something different and special for each bride and groom, there’s no set location and pose list, it’s all dependant upon each wedding, the weather and of course the bride and grooms requirements. 

Hazlewood Castle, Yorkshire wedding venue - Chris Chambers Photography

Hazlewood Castle – Wedding Venue Near Leeds and York

Set in 77 acres of woodland, this  medieval castle dates from the 11th century. Hazlewood Castle is only 15 miles from Leeds city centre and 12 miles from York it’s easy to reach but still surrounded by quiet open countryside. 

  • What’s the must have Hazlewood Castle wedding photograph?

The front of the castle and the large steps are a must use location, this location really shows the front of the castle and the imposing facade.

The Second location every wedding photographer must use is the courtyard especially in the early autumn when the ivy has turned red and adds a splash of colour to the castle. 

  • When’s the best time of year to marry at Hazlewood Castle? 

This is a difficult one, I enjoy photographing weddings at all times of year and Hazlewood Castle has a lot of photo opportunities regardless of the season.  The large woodland and surrounding countryside offer so many opportunities and the castle itself has plenty of indoor locations so regardless of weather and season there are lots of great photography opportunities. Low winter light can add an almost perpetual sunset to the photographs, in the spring the grounds come alive with blossom and through the summer and into autumn there’s lots of colour and backdrops in the well kept grounds.

  • Do you have a favourite wedding photograph taken at Hazlewood Castle? 

I’ve photographed at least 100 weddings at Hazlewood Castle and have many favourites but if I was to choose just one it would be from a wet wedding and the final photo of the evening of the bride and groom in the courtyard under an umbrella reflected in small puddle. 

Details: Hazlewood Castle – Paradise Ln, Leeds, Tadcaster LS24  9NJ Website here

Yorkshire wedding venue, photograph of Swinton Park with reflection in the lake and seasonal red ivy. Swinton Park Wedding Photograph

Swinton Park Hotel and Estate, Masham, North Yorkshire
Set in 200 acres of landscaped parkland in the Yorkshire Dales, Swinton Park wedding venue near Masham is a stunning hidden gem of a wedding venue, and with amazing grounds, scenery and an assortment of locations its the ideal wedding venue and full of opportunities to create amazing wedding photographs. 

  • What are the must have photo locations for Wedding photographs at Swinton Park?

As you enter the gates you see the front of Swinton Park and the Turret, the iconic and unique feature is a must include backdrop for wedding photographs whether taken during the day or after dark.

  • Do you have a Favourite Wedding Photograph Taken at Swinton Park?

Although I have several wedding photographs in mind, if I was to choose just one, it would have to be from the recent wedding of Rosie and Mark and a twilight photograph taken of the couple under the turret. The distinctive silhouette and orange glow from the windows and my discretely placed flash has created one of my favourite wedding photographs of  the whole year.

Details:  Swinton Estate, Swinton, Ripon HG4 4JH

Swinton park Wedding venue in North Yorkshire
Rudding park, North Yorkshire Wedding Venue

Rudding Park Hotel and Spa, Harrogate North Yorkshire

Three miles south of Harrogate, Rudding Park is one of North Yorkshire’s premier wedding venues and one of the few with its own chapel, perfect for couples looking for a religious ceremony without having to organise a church wedding. 

  • What advice would you give to couples planning their wedding day and photographs at Rudding Park.

You’ve chosen an amazing wedding venue, make sure you have allowed plenty of time for the photographer to create their magic, not just the posed and wow shots but plenty of time for them to capture you and your guests enjoying the drinks reception. The lake and golf course can provide some amazing opportunities for wedding photographs but take time to reach and coordinate, great for summer weddings when you have a later sunset but in the winter this can really eat into your drinks reception time so if you are planning a winter wedding and would like those photographs look to extend the drinks reception to accommodate this

  • Do you have a Favourite Wedding Photograph Taken at Rudding Park?

The magnolia blossom flowers late March and always makes an amazing photo location, one of my favourite wedding photographs from Rudding Park is from a spring wedding where we took full advantage of the blossom to add a splash of colour to the wedding photos. 

Details: Rudding park Hotel, Rudding Lane, Harrogate North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire Wedding Photographer Rudding Park Harrogate

Ripley Castle

Ripley Castle is 14th-century country house in Ripley, 3 miles north of harrogate in North Yorkshire. A private residence with it’s own lake, Ripley Castle provides an amazing backdrop to your wedding photographs. 

  • What are the must have photo locations for Wedding photographs at Ripley Castle ?

    The photograph above of Ripley Castle from the lakeside is high on the list for most bride and grooms, on a clear calm day the still lake allows the perfect reflection and so creates an amazing backdrop to wedding photographs. A little closer to the castle, the covered entrance features lots of texture and again one of my favourite backdrops for wedding photographs of the couple and often bridal party. 

  • Do you have a Favourite Wedding Photograph taken at Ripley Castle?
    It’s probably the photo of Bethany and Chris taken under the stone arches, the detail, hanging baskets and contrast of the bride and groom make it one my favourite Ripley Castle wedding photographs. 

Details: Ripley Castle, Ripley, Harrogate HG3 3AY

North Yorkshire Wedding Photographer Ripley Castle
Wood Hall North Yorkshire wedding venue

Wood Hall Hotel

Wood Hall Hotel & Spa near Wetherby is a hidden gem tucked away at the end of a long private drive with great views of the surrounding countryside. Landscaped Italian Gardens and terrace provide a number of great locations for wedding photographs. 

  • What are the must have photo locations for Wedding photographs at Wood Hall?

The Italian gardens have a lot of potential locations and even in the winter can provide a splash of colour to the wedding photographs. the small archway and gate leading to the gardens are one of my favourite locations for both day and night photographs. If time allows there’s also a wonderful wedding photograph from the drive way with the bride and groom looking back to Wood Hall. 

  • Do you have a Favourite Wedding Photograph taken at Wood Hall?

A summer wedding in July with high temperatures, blue sky and big bright sun, all the guest were enjoying the drinks reception and we were able to create a number of fantastic formal and informal wedding photographs in conditions most photographers would run way from, as the drinks reception drew to a close and guests headed in the sky very quickly turned and we had an advancing weather front clearly visible, this made for some very dramatic photographs of the bride and groom before dashed under cover. British weather! 

Details: Trip lane, Linton, Wetherby Yorkshire Website Here

Above: The Fig House at Middleton Lodge, an intimate and more informal wedding venue within the Middleton Lodge estate. 
Below: The main house at Middleton Lodge

Middleton Lodge North Yorkshire Wedding Venue

Middleton lodge Estate wedding venues near Richmond North Yorkshire
Middleton Lodge near Richmond in North Yorkshire offers exclusive use for weddings whilst the nearby Fig House, also on the estate allows a more relaxed and informal wedding setting. Both include access to amazing grounds and photo opportunities.  

  • What are the must have photo locations for Wedding photographs at Middleton Lodge?

The main house entrance door way with stone pillars is a great location for bride and groom wedding photographs, in summer the overhanging ivy adds detail and texture.  Around the grounds there are numerous locations which really help show the venue and create perfect backdrops. Over at the Fig House the Walled Garden has an abundance of photo locations and just outside the main entrance the lead in lines of the path and trees can help create double page spread worthy album photographs. 

  • Do you have a favourite Wedding Photograph taken at Middleton Lodge?
On a hot summers day with blue skies and a high sun which most wedding photographers fear we photographed a wedding at the Fig house, the lighting was incredible and using the entrance to the Fig House we created a number of wedding photographs which were all printed as double page spreads in their wedding album. 

Details:  Middleton Lodge Estate, Kneeton Ln, Middleton Tyas, Richmond DL10 6NJ

The Devonshire Arms Wedding Venue North Yorkshire

The Devonshire Arms at Bolton Abbey North Yorkshire
Just a mile from Bolton Abbey Priory The Devonshire Arms is ideally located on the edge of the Dales yet close to Skipton and Harrogate. 

  • Do you have any advice for couples planning their wedding photographs at the Devonshire Arms?

Of course allow time is an obvious one, the Devonshire Arms isn’t short of photo locations but just a little further afield there are even more amazing opportunities  plan into your day time to make a short trip to the Priory or stepping stones (you may need permission for access if not marrying there). The whole valley is part of the estate and there are lots of locations to stop off at for photographs. 

  • Do you have a Favourite Wedding Photograph taken at The Devonshire Arms?
Marrying at the Bolton Priory gives access to the Abbey grounds, one of my all time favourite wedding photographs is of the bride and groom outside the priory using the stone arches as a backdrop, the brides champagne coloured wedding dress perfectly complimenting the sandstone. 
Details: The Devonshire Arms, Bolton Bridge, Skipton BD23 6AJ Website here 
Aldwark manor North Yorkshire. Wedding Photography Chris Chambers

Aldwark Manor Hotel North Yorkshire

Aldwark Manor Hotel is nestled in a picturesque village in between York and Harrogate on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors. Surrounded by a golf course and open country Aldwark Manor seems a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of a city centre and the perfect venue for a quiet wedding. 

  • Do you have a favourite location for wedding photographs at Aldwark Manor?
Surrounded by golf course there’s a small feature bridge just around the back of the hotel, the small pond and green here form one of my favourite outdoor locations at Aldwark Manor. Inside,  the old staircase has several great vantage points and locations to create dramatic and different wedding photographs. 
  • Do you have a Favourite Wedding Photograph taken at Aldwark Manor?

This is probably from the gold course at Fiona and Mark’s wedding in the autumn, the small pond reflecting perfectly against the trees in the background.  

Details: Aldwark Manor, Alne, York YO61 1UF

Crathorne Hall North Yorkshire wedding venue near Yarm

Crathorne Hall, Yarm North Yorkshire

Set in 15 acres on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moor, Crathorne Hall is nestled amongst the mature woodland and stunning grounds with several features that allow me to create my dramatic style of wedding photographs. 

  • What are the must have photo locations for Wedding photographs at Crathorne Hall?

Some of my most memorable photographs have all been taken in the grounds to the front of Crathorne Hall, the small arches and garden give space for intimate couple photographs and the steps down to the woodland also work so well, especially after dark allowing Crathorne Hall to be the backdrop of the wedding photograph. Inside the ornate rooms and features are crying out for photographs, the drawing room with it’s rich colours and strong features is a must use location. 

Do you have a Favourite Wedding Photograph taken at Crathorne Hall?

As mentioned above the steps down to the woodland  are a great spot for twilight photographs and one of my favourites is form here after dark one autumn evening. The floodlit Crathorne Hall in the background. Another favourite is from inside and taken in the Drawing room of the groom and groomsmen before the wedding ceremony. Both photographs were printed as double page spreads in the bride and groom’s album. 

Details: Crathorne Hall, Crathorne, Yarm TS15 0AR. Website 

North Yorkshire wedding photographer

Broughton Hall Estate and wedding venues near Skipton North Yorkshire

Broughton Hall near Skipton in North Yorkshire comprises of three wedding venues, available to book individually or as a complete venue for truly exclusive use the historic house is surrounded by countryside and sits at the entrance to the Yorkshire Dales.

  • With a large estate to hundreds of acres of grounds, what are the must use locations for wedding photographs at Broughton Hall?

The main hall is of course the go to location, the grounds and landscaping work perfectly for couple photographs, if I was to choose just one location it would be the main entrance and large pillars, quite a unique feature for a North Yorkshire wedding venue.

  • Do you have a Favourite Wedding Photograph taken at Broughton Hall?

The main entrance pillars mentioned above is my favourite location and also probably the favourite wedding photograph i’ve taken at Broughton hall, the large imposing entrance way frames the bride and groom perfectly and really shows the sense of scale of the venue. 

Details: Broughton Hall, Skipton, Yorkshire. BFD23 3AE Website here 


Goldsborough Hall Wedding Venue near to  Knaresborough and Harrogate

Located close to  Harrogate in North Yorkshire, Goldsborough Hall is a family owned wedding venue offering only exclusive wedding use it has been listed as one of the top 100 wedding venues in the world. 

  • What are the must have photo locations for Wedding photographs at Goldsborough Hall?

The grounds offer a lot of great locations, to include the stunning venue it’s great to take the bride and groom down to the bottom of the lawn and look back to the Hall, the metal Gazebo along the short woodland walk is a hidden gem and I also love the staircase inside, the often overlooked location is perfect for couple photographs and a great location for spreading out the wedding dress. 

  • Do you have a Favourite Wedding Photograph taken at Goldsborough Hall?

I have several but the staircase images rank highly amongst those favourites, the large windows, wide satiracse and old paintings give a real classic feel to the photographs, especially photos of the bride alone on the stairs, this is a great opportunity to show the dress detail and for larger dresses.

Details: Church St, Goldsborough, Knaresborough HG5 8NR

Tithe Barn at Bolton Abbey wedding venue in North Yorkshire

The Tithe Barn at Bolton Abbey, North Yorkshire

In the heart of the Bolton Abbey Estate the Tithe Barn has capacity for 200 wedding guests during the day and 300 in the evening, making it one of the largest in the county, a large open space with a real rustic feel the Tithe Barn affords stunning views over the edge of the Dales and Bolton Abbey Priory.

  • What advice would you give to couples planning a wedding at The Tithe Barn Bolton Abbey?

Allowing plenty of time is an obvious one, the Tithe Barn isn’t short of photo locations but just a little further afield there are even more amazing opportunities  plan into your day time to make a short trip to Bolton Abbey Priory or stepping stones (you may need permission for access if not marrying there). The whole valley is part of the estate and there are lots of locations to stop off at for photographs. 

  • Do you have a Favourite Wedding Photograph taken at the Tithe Barn?

I love the interior of the Tithe Barn, the oak beams and open space work so well on the wedding day and it’s hard not to create a stunning photo inside. Without heading over to the Priory, one of my favourites is using the fairly non rescript green doorway, at night I was able to light this with an orange flash and create a bride and silhouette. 

Details: Bolton Abbey, Skipton BD23 6EX   Website Here

Tithe Barn at Bolton Abbey wedding venue in North Yorkshire